立博网站中文版 was formed in 1933 by representatives of real estate firms whose primary concern was the financial responsibility of those who were managing property for others. Each founding member firm was required to follow certain ethical standards of practice – specifically, 每家公司都同意避免混合基金, 为经手资金的雇员携带保证书, and to refrain from reaping financial benefit from the use of a client's funds without full disclosure.  这些相同的立博网站中文版原则今天仍然有效!

William Walters Jr., 立博网站中文版®1971年,立博网站中文版主席,在他的书中阐述了伦理对立博网站中文版的重要性,物业管理实务. 虽然这本书是1979年由立博网站中文版出版的,但这几个字至今仍在回响:

“对管理者的最终证明和对管理的最终要求是诚信, 在商业交易中检验对真理的坚持度的道德合理性, purpose, responsibility and trust. 当涉及到要求上级正直时,经理们不能妥协, their subordinates or themselves. 无论经理多么有知识或经验, 人若不正直,必自毁, 从长远来看,他的组织. 他败坏了这个组织的宗旨,破坏了它的精神. 正直是不能教导或要求的, but is an absolute requisite for a professional property manager and one quality he must carry with him to the organization.”

所有立博网站中文版成员都有义务维护立博网站中文版 Code of Professional Ethics,根据守则进行专业活动.  此外,AMO公司必须维护 AMO Code of Professional Ethics.

The Codes protect the public, promotes competition, 反映当代商业惯例, 并向市场发出了一个强有力的信息,即立博网站中文版成员的行为符合道德规范. 立博网站中文版 is one of the very few organizations that actively enforce its Code – violations are processed within a defined structure, 包括建立可能导致纪律处分的同行评审程序.

International Ethics Standards

立博网站中文版是国际伦理标准联盟(IESC)成员, 及所有立博网站中文版成员承诺遵守 International Ethics Standards established by IESC.

IESC’s goal is to create a universal set of ethical principles for real estate and related professions. The International Ethics Standards 高水平的道德原则是否涵盖了房地产的广泛范围, apply to all countries, and are consistent with member organizations’ individual codes to help real estate organizations promote ethical business practices.

How the 立博网站中文版 Ethics Process Works

许多协会都有道德规范, a study by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) found that only one-third fully enforce their codes. 立博网站中文版 is committed to ethics as one of its core values and therefore strictly enforces its Codes, 自始至终为各方提供正当程序.

Violations of an 立博网站中文版 Code are processed within a defined structure by an established peer review process that may result in disciplinary actions. There are three boards that independently perform specific duties in the administration of 立博网站中文版’s ethics program:

Ethics Inquiry Board

The Inquiry Board performs initial review of all allegations of possible unethical or improper conduct that come to the attention of the Institute (in the form of a complaint), 确定是否有合理理由相信可能发生此类行为, 并在适当的情况下准备并将投诉提交听证. Because the Inquiry Board’s initial determination is based solely on the information provided in the complaint, 投诉文件的彻底性至关重要. The Inquiry Board may:

  • Forward the complaint to hearing
  • Open an investigation and request additional information from either the complainant or the respondent.
  • 驳回投诉并通知投诉人.

Ethics Hearing and Discipline Board

审讯委员会就道德操守调查委员会提交的事宜举行聆讯. 如果委员会发现违反《立博体育官网》和/或《立博体育官网》, they will determine the appropriate action to take and summarize and publish its decisions as it deems appropriate.

A member found in violation of an 立博网站中文版 code may receive one of the following disciplines from the Hearing Board:

  • 一封责难信,可以发表也可以不发表. 意见书不影响被投诉人的立博体育官网地位.
  • Suspension of membership for a period of as little as one month and as much as three years – which is always published. The respondent loses all benefits of membership during the suspension period but must stay current with dues and fees. The respondent's status is automatically reactivated at the end of the suspension period provided all conditions are met.
  • 终止立博体育官网地位-这总是公布. 答辩人五年后可重新申请成为立博体育官网, with the reapplication considered on its merits and under such policies as may then be in effect.

Ethics Appeal Board

The Appeal Board hears appeals to a decision by the Ethics Hearing and Discipline Board upon request. The Appeal Board may:

  • 通过听证委员会的决定.
  • 修改听证委员会的决定.
  • 驳回听证委员会的决定.
  • 将案件交回聆讯委员会重新聆讯.


How to File an Ethics Complaint

立博网站中文版是一个立博体育官网协会, 立博网站中文版只对立博体育官网遵守立博网站中文版的职业道德守则有管辖权.   Issues involving miscommunications, business judgment, or human error are distinguished from definable unethical behavior and are generally not within the scope of the Codes.  每年有10到20起投诉.  Typically, one-third to one-half are moved through the full ethics process – others are found to be contractual disputes or otherwise not issues that are covered by the Code of Professional Ethics.  帮助您确定某个问题是否可能违反立博网站中文版的规范, review these interpretation.

指控违反法律的投诉立博网站中文版 Code of Professional Ethics or the AMO Code of Professional Ethics 可以由任何人提交-另一个立博网站中文版成员, a resident, a tenant, an employee, an employer, a client, a vendor or supplier, or a member of the public. 

Filing a Complaint


  1. 确定个人或公司当前是否为立博网站中文版的成员.  Follow this link to our Membership Directory and search by name or company.
  2. If a member:
  3. 如果您认为该行为/行为可能违反了立博网站中文版的代码之一, you may submit a complaint. An official Ethics Complaint Form must be submitted to 立博网站中文版 Ethics Department in order for a complaint to be reviewed.


When a Complaint is Received

提出投诉的个人被称为“投诉人”。, 被投诉的立博网站中文版成员被称为“答辩人”."  It is up to the complainant to show the burden of proof that an unethical violation has occurred.


  1. The complainant is sent notification that the complaint has been received and when it will be reviewed by 立博网站中文版’s Ethics Inquiry Board. The board meets in person in conjunction with 立博网站中文版’s Global Summit in September/October and periodically throughout the year via conference call.
  2. 道德调查委员会审查该投诉, which must include the articles of the 立博网站中文版 Code(s) that has been allegedly violation and the supporting documentation (be sure to  follow the 提交道德投诉的格式 very carefully), to determine whether there is reasonable cause to believe that possible unethical or improper conduct may have occurred.   Because the Ethics Inquiry Board's initial determination is based solely on the information provided in the complaint, 事实陈述和佐证文件应该尽可能详尽.
  3. 道德调查委员会的决定:
    • If the Board determines that there is reasonable cause to believe that a possible unethical or improper conduct in violation of an 立博网站中文版 Code may have occurred, 投诉将提交伦理听证会和纪律委员会进行听证会.
      • The complainant is notified that a hearing has been scheduled along with detailed information about the hearing process.
      • The respondent is notified that a complaint has been scheduled for hearing along with a copy of the complaint and all supporting documentation.  The respondent is given 30 days to provide a response to the charges contained in the complaint. 申诉和回应共同构成听证的基础.
      • 在9月/ 10月举行的研究所全球首脑会议期间举行了听证会. 听证会可在确定必要的其他时间举行. 投诉人和被投诉人都将收到日期通知, place, and time of the scheduled hearing. 双方都有权出庭作证, to provide a written statement, to be represented by legal counsel, to present evidence, and to offer testimony of witnesses.
  4. If the Board determines that there is not reasonable cause to believe an unethical or improper conduct in violation of an 立博网站中文版 Code has occurred, the complaint is dismissed.  此决定已通知投诉人.
  5. 在某些情况下,委员会可能决定在作出最后决定之前展开调查.  In this case, either or both the complainant and respondent may be asked to provide additional information.  在这种情况下,双方都被告知对投诉的未决决定.

Contact 立博网站中文版 Headquarters at ethics@lnunez.com.

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